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Your custom-made orthodontic treatment in Paris by Dr Issembert

To perform a real in-depth work, regardless of the orthodontic technique used: to align the teeth perfectly without accepting defects, to coordinate the arches – to match the top and bottom and to remove strong contacts, to put rigid wires and to design retaining trays to ensure the stability of the results over time. experiences for our clients, we strive each day to dream, design, and deliver even better than the day before.

  • Invisalign
  • Lingual
  • Ceramics
  • Surgery

A word from the orthodontist

Welcome to the website of my orthodontic practice in Paris. My name is David Issembert. I am a specialist orthodontist in Paris and one of the first historic providers of Invisalign in France.

This site to answer as precisely as possible your questions pertaining to invisible orthodontics, adult and child orthodontics. I wanted it to be as interactive as possible by setting up a Blog and links to social networks where you can ask me your questions directly. Feel free to check out my Paris orthodontic practice’s Instagram account, where you’ll find several hundred before-and-after orthodontic cases that you can easily relate to and that we can use as a visual basis for discussion.

An Amazing Experience

Your custom-made orthodontic treatment in Paris by Dr Issembert

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